Aletha VanderMaas
True Home Restorations is a midcentury design firm focusing all efforts on homes built between 1950 and 1975. While Aletha tends to personally prefer the modern aspect of midcentury design, she has a soft spot for the modest details of the era as well.

Since she was a young girl, Aletha has been fascinated with the midcentury lifestyle. From the clothing and music, to the homes and cars, the details of midcentury living captivate her.

She has owned her 1975 VW Beetle for two decades, listens to oldies on the radio, and prefers a full skirt & sweater set to jeans & a tee shirt any day. Hosting a cocktail party on her patio is Aletha's idea of a perfect summer evening.

Clearly, she was born forty years too late.

After a decade as a successful event designer in West Michigan, Aletha has taken a step toward her favorite focus - home restoration with appropriately curated interiors. Revitalizing homes from the outside in by creating a cohesive living environment that will be enjoyed for years to come is what she is most passionate about.

Aletha lives in Grand Haven, Michigan, with her husband, Greg, and their three children.
I brake for breeze blocks.
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Claire Goldman
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Sep 2016

I can't even say how grateful I am for Aletha! She helped me with exterior choices to update my house. I struggled with even asking, I'm a landscape designer and I thought, "I shouldn't have to pay so...Read More

Monika Boes
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Jan 2017

Aletha (True Home Restorations) was a JOY to work with. Someone who could really understand my vision for my home. Aletha was great at really thinking through every detail. Things I would have never t...Read More

Rachelle Jagger
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Dec 2014

Aletha was amazing in helping me come up with a plan for our basement renovation project in our 1965 modern home. The house was built on a hexagonal grid, with all 60 degree angles, therefore posing ...Read More

Bridgette Snyder
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Feb 2017

Aletha was critical to our kitchen and main living area renovation. She created a custom design for our space, considering all of the nuances that were particular to our quirky layout. What she came u...Read More

Michael Schrotenboer
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Sep 2016

We love Aletha! Having sold our first home and looking in a pricier area, we had our reservations about a home that needed some work. We didn't know where to start. Aletha came in with true to style M...Read More

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